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It all starts with a plan.

To achieve effectiveness and sustainability, information security and data privacy must be addressed at the highest levels of the organization. Systemic improvements in protecting your information and data assets will add value to your core business.

Developing an effective integrated, actionable plan to address program governance, risk, and compliance is a discipline that aims to synchronize information and activity. The goal is to operate more efficiently, enable effective information sharing, and reporting activities.

How we can help. 

  • Support merger and acquisition (M&A) due-diligence efforts; identifying data privacy, cybersecurity, and compliance strengths, vulnerabilities, and operational practices with prioritized remediation planning
  • Develop the cybersecurity program, write the program charter and mission statement, define the governance framework and annual program goals
  • Create or update the strategic plan; the roadmap for achieving the desired state; inclusive of metrics, dashboard, and progress monitoring, etc.
  • Develop the security stack (inventory of processes, tools, and talent) and RACI matrix
  • Define a multi-year staffing and financial plan aligned with organizational strategic plans, objectives, and capabilities

Update your cybersecurity strategy and roadmap.

tw-Security assesses the organization’s current security program to identify gaps against industry and regulatory best practices.  Following a systematic approach, we assess your risks and cybersecurity threats using our proprietary methods and tools. Our method addresses industry prevailing practices such as:

  • Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices: Managing Threats and Protecting Patients (HICP) [Cybersecurity Act of 2015 (CSA), Section 405(d)]
  • Cross-referenced to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cyber Security Framework (NIST CSF)
  • Center for Internet Security’s Top 20 Cyber Security Controls (CIS CSC)

We evaluate the effectiveness of the current safeguards, controls, and identify vulnerabilities. Additionally, we assess organizational and operational practices. Cultural barriers in healthcare are often a significant factor in preventing a cybersecurity program to mature. tw-Security will help you navigate these barriers.

Our cybersecurity service results in a strategic, organizational cyber risk profile placing patient safety and protecting mission-critical systems at the forefront. The cyber risk profile identifies your baseline of safeguards and controls. During the evaluation, we consider your current state adoption, operational, and financial capabilities. Collectively, your baseline and capabilities drive your cybersecurity program maturity ranking respective to your established maturity rubric.

Implement a prioritized action plan and strategic roadmap.

We prioritize our recommendations to identify those that will have the greatest impact on improving the organization’s cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance posture. The prioritized action plan becomes a roadmap to mitigate risk and elevate the maturity of the cyber program. This supports moving the organization from reactive to proactive on the maturity scale.

Implementing the recommended control improvements will help your organization to achieve a defense-in-depth approach to cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance and improve the program’s maturity.

Aligned with your business goals, value is realized through the advancement of the cyber program, data privacy and breach management, and brand protection. We achieve this through communication, collaboration, and project management principles.

Worth noting…

While organizations try their best to prevent a cyberattack – no organization is perfect, especially when dealing with attacks launched by nation-states and adversarial forces. These bad actors are constantly evolving to avoid detection and improve their chances of a successful attack.

This is why tw-Security also closely examines the organization’s readiness to respond (incident response capability) and to quickly recover (business continuity and disaster recovery) from a cyber incident or attack. No matter what, taking care of patients and the business of healthcare must go on.

Cybersecurity Program Strategy and Roadmap