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Education and training is an ongoing process.

We understand that HIPAA training is an annual program requirement. It takes more than a once a year review to stay on top of today’s cyber threats. An active cyber awareness program gives the organization the best chance to deliver safe uninterrupted patient care and protect the organization’s reputation and financial health.

We live and work in a rapidly changing world. Training and education is a key element of a comprehensive cyber resilience program. Innovation and trends provide unique challenges for managing cybersecurity threats. The Internet of Things (IoT), home care and virtual reality solutions, an enhanced distributed workforce, and patient monitoring devices could potentially expose protected health information. Keeping the workforce informed of prevailing practices to avoid and manage threats should be an ongoing process in today’s dynamic security landscape.

Tailor content for a specific audience – the root cause of most security incidents is people’s behaviors.

tw-Security, known for our energetic and engaging “style”, provides education, training, and workshops tailored for a specific audience. The general workforce, IT professionals, privacy and security officers, executives, physicians, and the Board of Directors each have targeted needs and attention spans.

We offer flexible service models customized to meet the needs of the organization and address the information security challenges in today’s world. Our workshops are interactive with hands-on participation. Our webinars provide practical education and training on cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance topics. We can share “bad actor” trends, the lessons we have learned through supporting diverse security and privacy programs, and the prevailing practices in healthcare security and privacy programs.

In addition to providing security awareness reminders to keep security and privacy top of mind, our industry-recognized experts can review your training program content and make recommendations.

A key factor in a cybersecurity “Awareness Program” is the frequency of delivery. Five minutes of monthly reminders have a greater impact than fifteen minutes a quarter. Security, data privacy, and compliance need to be “top of mind” and become part of the organization’s culture.

We foster independence and transfer knowledge.

During our engagements, we welcome staff participation to listen, learn, and ask questions. Our goal is to promote independence by teaching the “why and how.”  This is especially true when we are engaged to conduct a risk analysis and the ongoing process of managing risk.

Frequently we are requested to mentor a new “CISO” or Privacy Officer. In doing so, we focus on shaping the value-based qualities for this position. We help the CISO strike the right balance between technology-centric and business management to establish and maintain a corporate-wide compliant information security program to ensure that information assets are adequately protected.

We mentor the Privacy Officer to align the privacy program with the organization’s strategic plan and stakeholders’ expectations. Beyond ePHI and breach mitigation, the Privacy Officer needs to consider strategies to protect personal information (PII) and the organization’s proprietary and confidential information.

A key value in working with tw-Security is that you will receive the benefit of multiple industry experts who not only advise but are ‘doers.’ That wealth of collective knowledge and peer experience is near impossible to find in one individual.

Examples of Educational and Training Topics