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Please Welcome Wendell Bobst II

tw-Security is pleased to announce that Wendell Bobst II has joined our team as Senior Security Consultant.

Mr. Bobst’s career includes serving as the Vice President of Technology, Children’s Choice Pediatric with 20 locations in California. In that role, Wendell led the IT Steering Committee driving alignment with security risk, IT, and business objectives that resulted in technology transformation and business performance improvement.

As Information Security Officer (ISO) at Adventist Health for nearly ten years, he created their enterprise information security department and program covering 22 hospitals across four states.

Key areas of expertise include enterprise risk management, virtual CISO, cybersecurity advisory and tactical services, HIPAA strategies, identity access management and audit solutions, call center security and IT solutions.

“Wendell has been a former customer, a colleague, and friend for almost 20 years. We are honored to have Wendell join our team. His professionalism, talent, and collaboration has benefited our customers and the tw-Security team.”
–Tom Walsh, Founder and Managing Partner, tw-Security

Welcome aboard, Wendell!