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Watching the Watchdog: Learning from HHS’ Grant Payment Mess

Tight-Lipped Agency’s Next Move in Wake of $7.5M Scam Could Be Telling


… There’s no question that AI-augmented phishing and social engineering attacks will make fake emails seem even more realistic, said Keith Fricke, a partner at privacy and security firm tw-Security. Cybercriminal groups will soon start offering AI as a service to masses of hackers, he said.

“Audio recordings simulating requests by C-level folks will trick people into changing passwords, phone numbers of multifactor authentication texts, and even directing people to authorize wire transfers of money,” he said.

… This means the healthcare sector must step up its game, including training, to raise awareness of how AI is part of the phishing equation, Fricke said.

“Worker training must happen more frequently, with examples of phishing messages. Organizations need to work with the vendors supplying email filtering services to understand how the vendors are improving their detections and quarantine technologies,” he said.


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