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Study: 68 percent of healthcare organizations have compromised email credentials

Hackers gain access through phishing and key-logging attacks. The Evolve IP report found that more than 76 percent of these stolen passwords can be found on the dark web.
More than two-thirds of healthcare organizations have employees with compromised email credentials, according to a new study from Evolve IP, a cloud services provider.

Dual-authentication or two-factor authentication is the one method that can prevent a cyber breach from happening, according to Tom Walsh, founder and managing partner of tw-Security. And users must also be held accountable for their actions.

“We’re trying to advocate a principle of privacy: It’s called the minimal necessary-privacy,” Walsh said. “The principle of least privilege, in the security world, the idea is the same: Only give access to information as it’s appropriate in order for someone do their job function.”


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