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Reporting HIPAA Breaches: A New Approach

Regulators Enhance Web Portal for Notification

… “Many large companies are self-insured through some third party administrator, or TPA,” notes security expert Tom Walsh, president of the consulting firm tw-Security, which was recently rebranded from its former name, Tom Walsh Consulting. So it’s no surprise that Sony would store employee health information, he says. “I’m sure that there are a lot of companies that rely on their TPA to know what is legally required regarding their employees’ PHI. This should be a wakeup call for all companies that are self-insured.”

… Adds Walsh, the consultant: “If the government or big businesses – like Sony – which have far greater resources that most healthcare systems or community based hospitals, get hacked, any organization can get hacked. There is no way to defend against every attack if the hacker has enough time and other resources. The goal is to make them work hard to the point they’ll move to a softer target.”


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