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HHS Watchdog Agency Issues Phone Scam Warning

HHS-OIG, which is ironically the federal watchdog agency whose stated mission is “to fight waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare, Medicaid and more than 100 other HHS programs” has become an unwilling party involved with the scam.

…. If that caller has a way of using the credentials for data access, a breach may result, Keith Fricke, tw-Security Partner says “Imagine if a caller pretended to be an IT person and told the person answering the call there was a system problem the day before and IT is checking to make sure the issue it is fixed.

‘Could I have your username and password to check the system?,'” Fricke says. “Note that an organization’s help desk needs to be on their toes too. A fraudulent caller could pretend to be an employee having trouble remembering their password and asked for it to be reset. The help desk staff should have procedures to validate a caller’s identity.” To help avoid falling victim to these schemes, “be wary of …..


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