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Colonoscopy Prep Retail Website Breach Festered for Years

Personal Data of 244,000 in Flux After Malware Probe of Gastroenterologist Vendor


… The stretched out time frame of the malware incident – including the apparent 19-month-long investigation and potential lag in notifying individuals of a breach – is concerning for a variety of reasons, says Tom Walsh, CEO of privacy and security consultancy tw-Security.

“Doing a thorough investigation after a breach occurs takes time; however, in this case, it seems to have taken an unusually longer amount of time to report,” he says.

“The potential dangers are identity theft, which can lead to the hacker or bad actor that obtained the breached data attempting some type of financial fraud – unauthorized purchases,” Walsh says.

… Entities also need to be diligent upfront to prevent breaches involving online retail and similar websites, Walsh says.

“At a minimum, any web-facing, consumer/patient access is a prime target for hackers. That is why a thorough risk analysis helps determine the greatest areas of exposure and where remediation efforts are needed most.”


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