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Are Security Teams Blocking Innovation in Healthcare?

Startup companies don’t always factor in enough security when they build solutions, and that may raise red flags. Flexibility is essential.

In the race to be “the first to introduce a new solution,” the old mindset was, “Get to market and we can secure it later.” That is no longer a viable option because these new applications or systems can create unknown risks.

Cybersecurity is a hot topic. It seems like every day in the news, we hear about data leaks, newly discovered vulnerabilities and hacking – all can cause embarrassment, reputational harm and cause a financial impact to the unfortunate victims.

That is why it is important to assess the security of any new product or service before it is introduced into an organization’s environment.

(Originally published in Health Data Management, May 11, 2023)
This article is part of the May 2023 COVERstory series.

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