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Education, Training, and Awareness

The Ongoing Process of Security Awareness

People are the root cause for most security incidents. Therefore, security awareness and training should be an ongoing process in today's dynamic security landscape. In addition to providing an organization with security awareness reminders to keep security top of mind, our industry recognized experts conduct educational presentations and workshops for customers and for professional organizations.

Icon tw-Security, known for our energetic and engaging "style" provides awareness, training sessions, and workshops tailored to the audience; general workforce, IT professionals, privacy and security officers, executives, physicians, and Board of Directors.

We offer flexible service models including onsite or webinars customized to meet the needs of the organization and address information security challenges in today's world. Through interaction, group discussions, and hands-on participation, we provide practical education on information security topics.


Examples of our Education, Training, and Awareness Services include:
  • Cybersecurity - what Board members need to know
  • Cybersecurity - organizational preparedness (workshops and tabletop exercises)
  • Prevailing practices for defending against phishing and ransomware 
  • IT Security - updates and best practices
  • Managing mobile devices
  • Achieving satisfactory assurance from your business associates
  • Risk analysis workshop (includes addressing Meaningful Use requirements)
  • Security and privacy - overcoming challenges related to interoperability and the secure exchange of health data
  • HIPAA compliance - what it really means
  • HIPAA readiness - preparing for an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audit (includes creating a 'Book of Evidence')
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) - steps to attestation
Our thought leaders are frequently requested to offer their perspective, insights, and observations on
"top of mind" security topics and trends impacting healthcare.


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