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Cybersecurity and Incident Response

The traditional focus of information security is data, applications, and systems through safeguards and controls applied to people, processes, and technology.


What is Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity focuses on anything interconnected through/to the Internet. Cybersecurity extends the boundaries to include other computer controlled systems including building controls (heating/AC, air handlers, water chillers, etc.), cars, surveillance systems, and just about any appliance that uses the word “smart” in its title (smart TVs, smart stove, etc.).

Icon Targeted cyber-attacks to healthcare organizations are on the rise. From lessons learned, we know that people are the root cause for ransomware, so your # 1 priority should be to focus on your people; training, education, and awareness. In order for practice to induce learning and become "second nature," it must be meaningful, motivating, skillful, challenging, and rewarding. There is an overlap between information security and cybersecurity.

In today's world, the "Internet of Things" (IoT) only increases the scope of cyber-attacks: hacking, phishing, and malicious software. Experts anticipate that cybersecurity threats and threat agents will continue to evolve. Because of this, healthcare cyber security has become a Board issue and hospital executives need to properly prepare.


Every hospital employee and workforce member is a prime target for an attack!

Recognizing that 100% security does not exist, organizations that are prepared with a measured and practiced incident response procedure have the best possible means to remediate and recover. Because cyber-security expertise requires years of training and relevant experience, skills gaps cannot easily be resolved though short-term solutions.


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