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Cyber Attack Incident Response Preparedness

The Never Ending Threat

Each week we learn of another data breach, combined with never-ending cybersecurity threats, emphasizing the need to protect your most valuable asset - information. Cyber villains have evolved from stealing data to shutting down operations and holding organizations hostage. Executives and Boards of Directors are asking "How secure are we? How prepared are we?"

Icon Organizations that are prepared with a measured and practiced incident response procedure have the best possible means to remediate and recover. Our service may benefit your organization by:

  • Reducing recovery time and efficiently restoring services
  • Improving your legal defensibility
  • Providing a framework for continuous improvement

In this busy world, one of the greatest challenges is finding the time to plan, enhance, and test a cyber-attack incident response policy and process.


Our Process

In support of your cyber defense strategy, tw-Security focuses on the people and process functions when a cyber-event is suspected, discovered, or identified. We accomplish this through a methodical approach, which results in a documented incident response policy and process with demonstrated efforts that promote the culture of information security. Our service is designed to protect your information systems andcybersecurity strategy.

Our managed service is provided by qualified, experienced, certified information security and virtual information security officer consultants using a straightforward, practical, efficient, and reasonable approach. Our 'Cyber Incident Response Framework' is based on NIST Standards and industry best practices. Knowledge transfer is provided throughout the engagement, specifically through an onsite workshop, tabletop exercise, and after exercise review.

tw-Security's vetted solution has been used by large, complex healthcare systems, community hospitals, and Pharma organizations.



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