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tw-Security Scores 94.9 in KLAS 2022 Report

tw-Security scored 94.9 in overall performance in KLAS Research’s report, Security and Privacy Consulting Services 2022, Who Exceeds Expectations in This High-Performing Market? published August 25, 2022. In this performance report, based on 18 months of data and interviews with provider and payer organizations, KLAS Research scored firms specializing in healthcare security and data privacy consultancy. Firms were evaluated for their […]

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FAQ – The Ransomware Threat

Bad actors target healthcare. A recent article in Healthcare Info Security discussed the disturbing trend of ransomware attacks joining—and in some cases, even surpassing—classical hacking attacks as major threat to healthcare operations. The object of a ransomware attack is to cut off access to critical enterprise data by encrypting the information. After payment has been […]

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FAQ – Phishing and Ransomware

The following highlights best practices to protect yourself and your organization. What should healthcare entities be doing today to prevent/defend against phishing? Prohibit access to personal webmail through organizational resources Mandate the workforce to use “guest” wireless network when connecting personally-owned devices via Wi-Fi Prevent rules that auto-forward organizational email to personal, webmail accounts Limit […]

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