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Business Impact Analysis

What is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)?
  • Identifies the critical applications and systems used within each department
  • Establishes the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and restoration order for each department
  • Determines the Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and restoration order for each application and system


The results of the BIA help organizations develop appropriate recovery strategies based on the needs of their departments. Without a business impact analysis, organizations run the risk of underestimating the resources required to respond to a disaster or business interruption. By matching appropriate disaster recovery strategies with the operational needs of the business, the BIA assures executive management that the recovery plan meets executive management's responsibility for "duty of care."

Our Business Impact Analysis Services include:
  • Interviewing representatives of each department to identify the applications and systems needed to operate their department
  • Determining the RTO and RPO for each in-scope application or system
  • Determining the overall RTO for each department
  • Validating any gaps between current recovery capabilities and business needs
  • Reviewing current backup plans and recovery strategies
  • Presenting the results to the executive management team in a meaningful and understandable format


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