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It all started in 2003 …

when Tom Walsh founded Tom Walsh Consulting, LLC.

Tom Walsh, c. 2003

Tom’s goal was to build a healthcare IT security and privacy consulting firm founded on the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Code of Ethics. The Code commits the professional to “act honorably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally.”

Known for his energetic style, Tom conducted multiple HIPAA programs (do you remember T.E.A.—Training, Education, and Awareness?)
He became well known as a public speaker throughout the state of Kansas and nationally, spreading the “HIPAA mission”.

Tom reminisces, “One of my greatest honors occurred when HIMSS asked me to be one of the “Views from the Top” speakers at the 2003 HIMSS Annual conference.” Here’s an excerpt:

HIMSS: What advice would you give professionals just entering the healthcare or IT field?

Walsh: “People, process, and technology—in that order.” I got this from the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). But it is the mantra I use when advising clients. Security and privacy are important, but the primary mission is the care of patients. IT needs to support the mission by making it easier for caregivers to do their job rather than constructing barriers. Just remember: if your loved one is in a hospital bed in critical condition, waiting for the lab results or the orders of a specialistsecurity and privacy become a lower priority.

Anyone new to healthcare IT needs to spend at least a half day just observing what goes on in the clinical care areas. It will change his or her perspective on their job in IT. It will give them a bigger picture. As the old saying goes, “Are you laying bricks, or building a cathedral?”

Customers appreciated his focus on cost-effective solutions that prioritized real-world risks and used proven methodologies and tools, and the business grew rapidly through word-of-mouth referrals.

In 2013 the firm was restructured as tw-Security, LLC., with the “tw” now standing for “Trusted Wisdom.” tw-Security is dedicated solely to helping healthcare organizations (covered entities and business associates) protect their information resources. 

In response to a growing demand for the company’s services, the firm began a period of careful, deliberate growth. Tom began recruiting capable former Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Privacy Officers experienced with large healthcare systems and with scaling solutions to the needs of small hospitals.

Today, tw-Security’s team of consultants share his commitment to quality and customer service.

20 years and growing!

We reached this milestone in July 2023. In our rapidly-changing industry, that’s an achievement worth celebrating!
The tw-Security team celebrated the start of the firm’s third decade with a get-together event at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
As a virtual company with people located in ten different states, this was a truly unique event. Some of our colleagues were meeting the others in person for the very first time. Who says remote work doesn’t work?


Standing, left: Tom Walsh, Evert Berndt. Standing, right: Jill Burrington-Brown, Wendell Bobst, Kathy O’Neil, and Mark Dill.
Seated, upper left: Noreen Mitchell, Fran Hunter. Seated, upper right: Eileen Kittleson.
Seated, front: Keith Fricke, Mikki Massey, Joe Gillespie, Susan Lucci, Kerry McConnell, and Shelli Crocker.

We learned a lot of fun facts about our team members and their spouses. For instance, we found out that Keith Fricke is an accomplished magician! He entertained the group with his prestidigitation skills—as well as some extremely funny gags—at our team banquet.

We’ve served over 250 healthcare customers since 2003.

Our diverse customer base includes covered entities, business associates, professional organizations, managed service firms, and legal firms as expert witnesses.

 Covered Entities:
    • Academic medical centers
    • Community-based hospitals
    • Integrated delivery networks and their outpatient entities
    • Critical access hospitals (<25 beds)
    • Long term care
    • Specialty hospitals
    • Hospice
    • Physician practices
    • Healthcare insurance – Payer
    • Clearinghouse
 Business Associates:
    • Health management networks
    • Community-affiliated management organizations
    • Application vendors
    • Life sciences/pharma
    • Mobile health vendors
    • Predictive analytic solution providers
    • Professional service consulting firms
    • Revenue cycle service providers
    • Technology infrastructure service providers
    • Cloud-based vendors

Performance excellence.

tw-Security enjoys a reputation for providing affordable, deliverable-oriented services that equal or surpass those of much larger consulting firms. We measure the success of the engagement by the quality of the deliverables, adherence to timelines and budgetand first and foremost: your satisfaction.

Independent evaluation of performance by


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tw-Security scored 97.3, in the Security and Privacy Consulting Category, 2023 Best in KLAS.

24 tw-Security provider customers participated in the validated research study. tw-Security was evaluated for our effectiveness in assisting customers in reducing risk, the quality of the engagement, and whether we exceeded customer expectations.

In the KLAS special report, Security and Privacy Consulting Services 2022, Who Exceeds Expectations in This High-Performing Market? published on August 25, 2022, tw-Security scored 94.6; 21 provider customers participated.

KLAS is a research company on a mission to improve the world’s healthcare through collaboration, insights, and transparency.

THANK YOU to all our teams, customers, and supporters! 

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